20/20 SS2

Mimaki® SS2 (alternative)

20/20 SS2 Ink

2020 COLOR™ has created an excellent alternative ink set for Mimaki JV3 printers running SS2 inks. 2020-42 inks offer a better value than OEM inks, saving customers at least 30% on their 440 ml cartridges. There is no need to flush your printer when you are converting from OEM to 2020 for the machine will not notice the change and profiles will not need to be adjusted.

2020 COLOR™ offers the same scratch resistance and outdoor durability as Mimaki OEM inks (three years unlaminated). You can trust that 2020 COLOR™ inks will meet and exceed your expectations when it comes to color gamut, pricing and durability.

Yellow, Light Magenta, Magenta, Light Cyan, Cyan, and Black

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